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Business and Tax Planning

Business Legal Services


Our attorneys are well-versed in business matters, and assist our clients in getting their businesses started, keeping them licensed, and dealing with the host of issues that can arise in running a business in today's complex world.  We have helped businesses in drafting and filing formation documents, business and employment contract drafting and review, negotiating the sales and purchases of businesses, transferring stock, and many other business issues.  

Contract Review and Formation  

The details of a contract can make or break your business.  If you are entering into an agreement that is important enough to write down, it is most likely important enough to be well-written.  Likewise, it is simply a good business practice to understand a document before signing.  Our attorneys have the expertise to draft well-written agreements, and the skills to explain contracts in clear, easy to understand terms.  

Business Succession

Our business services often intersect with probate issues.  When a business owner passes away, there are many questions to answer about the business, all while dealing with the passing of a loved one.  Our attorneys work to make a smooth transition for those coping with the loss while still keeping a business going.  


Our attorneys offer nonprofits the same services we provide to for-profit entities, in addition to guidance and assistance in the special requirements and regulations nonprofits face.  The specialized services include applying for nonprofit status, advising board members of legal responsibilities, disclosure requirements for fundraising, tax filing requirements, contracts, compliance, and other areas.  

We assist different types of nonprofits, including:

  • 501(c)(3) - charitable organizations

  • 501(c)(4) - advocacy groups

  • 501(c)(5) - labor and agricultural groups

  • 501(c)(6) - trade or professional associations

  • 501(c)(7) - social or recreational groups and clubs

  • 501(c)(8) - fraternal societies

Tax Planning and Controversy


We are especially well-equipped to deal with tax issues that may arise, including federal and state audits.  Carolyn Dove is a Texas licensed Certified Public Accountant in addition to being an attorney.  Jeff Lerner has a Masters of Law in Taxation in addition to his Juris Doctorate degree.  They have taught extensively in the areas of business and tax at the college and graduate levels.  

Our attorneys regularly handle tax controversy cases at the appellate level.  Carolyn and Jeff are both licensed to practice in the United States Tax Court and the Northern District of Texas, allowing them to handle cases even going past IRS Appeals.  

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