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Probate is often

Part-time Attorney

Minimum qualifications include:

  • Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school.

  • Admission to the Bar in the relevant jurisdiction(s) where the law firm operates.

  • Satisfactory references.

  • At least __ years of experience practicing law, with a focus on probate and estate planning.

  • Demonstrated success in handling and managing legal cases independently.

  • In-depth knowledge of estate planning laws, regulations, and procedures.

  • Experience drafting wills, trusts, advance directives, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents.

  • Excellent communication skills to explain complex legal concepts and documents clearly to clients.

  • The ability to actively listen to clients' concerns and goals and tailor estate plans accordingly.

Employment type:

Freelance Attorney: An attorney who works independently on a project-by-project basis, often for different clients or law firms.


Contract Attorney: An attorney who is hired for a specific period or project by a law firm or organization, typically on a temporary basis.


Consulting Attorney: An attorney who provides legal advice and services to clients on a part-time or project-based arrangement.


Flexible Schedule Attorney: An attorney who has a non-traditional work arrangement and does not follow a standard 9-to-5 schedule.


Adjunct Attorney: An attorney who works part-time or on a temporary basis with a law firm or legal department.


Limited Hours Attorney: An attorney who works fewer hours than the standard full-time schedule.


Remote Attorney: An attorney who primarily works from a location other than the main office, often with flexible hours.


Independent Contractor Attorney: Similar to a freelance attorney, an independent contractor attorney provides services on a contract basis.

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